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jokes about Dylan Sprouse’s nudes make me uncomfortable b/c women get their lives and careers ruined or tainted if something like this comes out but dylan gets commended for “handling it well”

Give me one actual example of a woman’s life getting ruined due to leaked nude photos. I’m waiting.


that took about 3 seconds to find on google

Reblogging this because I just noticed the not-so-subtle was that language in the title of this article is used to blame the victim.

"Teenager commits suicide after ‘sexting’ nude photo to her boyfriend made her life a misery"

The title implies that it was ACT of sending the photo that caused her the misery, that it was HER fault.  The sentence structure puts the blame on her, ignoring the fact that it was the vicious, misogynistic, bullying harassment she was a victim of after the photo was leaked by her boyfriend that pushed her over the edge and to suicide.



Just called an anorexia help line and the girl answered and immediately hearing I was male said “you’re real funny douche” and hung up. If you dot think that’s messed up, u messed up.


They don’t “accidentally” rape women. They don’t “misread the signals”. Every day, men who pretend that they are incapable of telling that women don’t want them to penetrate their bodies, read hundreds of social signals expertly. They know when to joke about with the boss; when to back down gracefully in a meeting without losing face; when to negotiate hard and when to keep some back for the next deal; they know when to banter with their colleagues and when to be professional. They know when to slap down someone in a pub or a club or on a train and when that would be dangerous – most men, like most women, are very, very good at negotiating social signals.